Willmott Dixon

“We are going through a cultural change programme and need the support of media, particularly film, to help us with our messaging and to inspire to our people and customers. The Hoot team have been with us since the start of the change which, I think, has helped them achieve a deeper understanding of what we are trying to do.

We say it starts with the Why? but Hoot will insist on making sure they understand the What?; the Who? and the How? as well. This deep understanding shapes what they produce. We have commissioned individual bespoke projects which have in all cases inspired emotional responses and connections for the audience quite unlike anything we thought possible. Hoot seem to be able to construct a film that tells a story succinctly and concisely that wastes not a second.

We showed our last Hoot film to an audience of 220 people who all applauded it’s end to signify their approval. We showed the same film to some young apprentices who called it ‘inspirational’; ‘thought provoking’ and ‘motivating’ and to a big customer who believed it could start to change the view of the industry we are in.

There is no one I would recommend more. (But I’m not going to recommend them to anyone because I want them all to ourselves….!)”

John Waterman, COO
Willmott Dixon


Kern Ltd

“Before we started working with Hoot Marketing we talked a lot about ourselves, our products and the features and benefits of our own offering thinking that would be important to our clients and prospects.  After working with Hoot Marketing and learning more about our target customers through Client Insight Research we have changed our marketing strategy in a way that has reaped significant rewards.  We have a deeper understanding of our target audiences and their business priorities, we add value based on those priorities and we now communicate in a way that engages our customers rather than just sells to them.

Hoot Marketing are strategic in their approach and understand how to garner a response from difficult to reach audiences.  We are delighted with the response and would recommend Hoot to any business that needs a strategic and intelligent approach to their marketing.”

Kim Comotto, Marketing & HR Manager
Kern Ltd


Santander Bank

“Working in the banking world, all too often we find ourselves using jargon that suits our needs but not that of our customers. At Santander we are keen to build relationships with our clients in a way that benefits them and using language that they understand is a critical part of this.  Hoot Marketing have helped us to develop brand stories which are relevant, interesting and engaging to our audience. We now use them in our communication, at events and when speaking with new customers and it’s getting a very positive response.  Identifying the power of our brand stories has added a new and refreshing dimension to our sales communications. Customers and prospects have told us that they really like this new approach and we have seen the benefits pretty much immediately.”

Alex Fuller, Regional Director
Santander Bank


Inside Performance Coaching

“The team at Hoot really took the time to understand what we were about and what we wanted to achieve, and this has been invaluable to us in moving the company forward.

It has been a pleasure working with individuals who are incredibly knowledgeable in their field, offering honest advice and straightforward solutions, with a lovely blend of professionalism and friendliness. This approach really helped us to create a marketing strategy that is both an exciting and profitable project for us to undertake, and we are delighted with our decision to choose Hoot to take care of all of our marketing needs.”

Louise Deeley, Director
Inside Performance Consulting Ltd


Dee Caffari

“Working with Hoot Marketing has been an absolute pleasure. We have found the team extremely professional and efficient with regular communication ensuring we were provided with timely progress reports. We would not hesitate in recommending Hoot Marketing to anyone looking for help with their marketing and sponsorship.”

Dee Caffari
Dee Caffari Ltd


Formula Marine BV

Hoot Marketing caught our eye (and ear) at a breakfast networking meeting in Southampton, where Sue ‘wowed’ the audience with her entertaining but professional style of ensuring you listen to what she and her team can offer.

Following up you find that the ability to catch the attention is supported by a vast ‘tool kit’ of experience, know-how and excellent communication skills. The particular analytical skills that Sue and Niamh have are transferrable across industries and have impressed us at Formula Marine, especially in their ability to engage the company’s management team in areas outside of their comfort zone, thus demonstrating yet another facet Hoot’s skill base, educators.

Hugh Carpenter, Managing Director
Formula Marine BV/ Formula France SARL