Find your Brand Story

Word of Mouth

In today’s world more and more of us rely on referrals and feedback from trusted sources before we make a decision to purchase. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing there is and stories play a significant part in getting the right message across. If the customer experience has been good then there’s a good story to be told. We want to help you find those great stories and help you tell even more of the right people.

Where to find Brand Stories

Whatever industry you are in we guarantee there will be some great brand stories in and around your business. Stories come from every level of your organisation; they will come from the sales team, the customer service team, the reception staff, the senior management team, your marketing department, your HR department, your cleaning team. No stone is left unturned when we start looking for your stories.

To help you find your brand stories we run sessions with your staff and the process is an exciting one which really enhances staff engagement. Your teams feel valued to be asked for their experiences and stories and they learn more from each other about the organisation.

Really powerful brand stories will also come from your existing customers and clients. We manage Client Insight Research™ with your clients to find out what experiences they’ve had doing business with you and their feedback helps you develop better marketing communication and provides you with those lightbulb moments that fuel your product and service innovation.

Your business stories can come from lots of areas of the business, for example:

  • Your Foundations – who started your company and perhaps more importantly ‘why?’
  • Customer Stories – what do customers say about you, and why do they do business with you rather than your competitors
  • Recruitment – why did your staff join your organisation and why do they stay?
  • Values – what are the values you uphold and what stories help you evidence these?
  • Sponsorship and Charity Work – what causes do you support and why?
  • Your future – what stories will be told about your company in the future… use these stories to inspire the future

Brand Stories for Sales and Marketing

When you send out a proposal or attend a sales meeting, do you run through a list of your products and services in the hope that your prospect will show interest in one of them? When they show interest, do you then start breaking down the details in a matter-of-fact way?

We help you find the stories within your company that can bring your sales pitch to life. We help you find the brand stories that will evidence the claims that you make as a brand. For example, we worked with a bank who wanted to evidence the fact that they build amazing relationships with their customers and we helped unearth the story of a banker who delivered a cow. We worked with a facilities management company who thought their business was dull so we found them a story about what it’s like to keep a dinosaur safe and clean at the Natural History Museum. One story was used in a sales event to help an audience understand how the bank does business and the other was written to support a tender document. Both stories are excellent examples of brand storytelling, demonstrating how a story can be told in a lively and emotive way as part of a marketing message, and how a story can help your brand become memorable.

The ROI of Brand Stories

Adopting brand storytelling into your marketing mix has a direct impact on the generation of new business. Imagine if we could increase the conversion rate of your sales proposals by including an emotive story; if you could really differentiate your brand and be more memorable than your competitors in a crowded market place; or that we could help you improve communication with prospects in an industry that may be considered mundane.

We can help you find the business stories that are locked inside your organisation and help you explain and evidence in real terms what it is you do, what you stand for, and why you do what you do.

Your brand story will be a powerful and engaging communication that gives your various audiences a better understanding of your work and your values, and can help your customers tell your story for you.

The return on investment from brand storytelling not only drives more sales but it drives a more fulfilling organisation and helps your audience believe you and buy into you. That’s got to be worth the investment.

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