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Brand Stories need to be authentic …..

Brand stories need to be authentic; you cannot merely make them up. There is plenty of scope however for you to create great stories that your business can tell by getting involved or indeed designing real live events that evidence your key strategic messages. It could be that you’d like to evidence an important claim about a product or service and you’d like to capture the imagination of your audience with a story. Perhaps you want to relate the message that you have very skilled people and advanced technologies in your business. We can help you develop your message and show you how to build a brand story which will create great customer engagement.

A Brand Story Example

Here’s an example from Intel (read full story and watch video here) who supported a recent expedition from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole and back. A round trip of 1800 miles where two lone explorers followed in the footsteps of Captain Scott’s ill-fated attempt, but this time they succeeded. Intel had launched the 4th generation Intel Core ® Processor and it was to be used in the team’s Ultrabook so that they could stay in contact with the outside world. One of the significant reasons for Intel to support this extreme expedition was to evidence the fact that this processor works at sub-zero temperatures. It also gives Intel an interesting, exciting and memorable story to tell their audience rather than offering mere claims in an advertising campaign.

Your brand or business may not want to support adventures of this magnitude but you may see the benefit of generating stories and quests of your own. Supporting causes and events can give your brand a different message to take to the market rather than just sales communication. Hoot can help you identify not only the right cause or event for your business to support but we can also help you create your own story.

‘People don’t buy what you do; they buy how you make them feel’

Crafting a Brand Story

In the first instance we need to understand what is your Key Message? If this story had to answer one question what would it be? We then need to know what audience we are talking to and finally at this point we need to know what type of story to develop i.e. extreme adventure, good cause, a stunt, something funny etc.

We have a Hoot Story Question Matrix™ which will help identify these factors with you and together we can create a storyboard and show you how to build a brand story.

Events, Stunts and Creative Story Ideas

We’re not suggesting that you beam the image of your CEO onto the Houses of Parliament or that you produce a video where you swear about how good your products are (although Dollar Shave Club have done it brilliantly). However, developing creative ideas that offer your audience another way to experience your brand or business is a great way to get you talked about… and that in itself is a story.

A number of years ago we worked with a company that manufactured masts and booms for beautiful world class superyachts. Formula Marine operated in a premium market and produced excellent advanced technology composite products. The key message they wanted to tell the world’s leading yacht designers and builders was that they were technically excellent.

Formula Marine could have stated this message on their website and in their printed and sales material. This however may have appeared hollow or weak, as their competitors said a similar thing, regardless of the fact that Formula Marine had better skills and more advanced technological know-how. In order to allow Formula Marine to get this message to the market in the most impactful way, Hoot created a really exciting event where the company’s key audience would be invited to hear how they could use insights from the world of space exploration in their own industry. Formula Marine hosted 80 of the world’s leading yacht designers and builders on the opening night of the Monaco Yacht Show, in an exclusive waterside venue overlooking Monaco Harbour and the show. The audience was enthralled by a real life rocket scientist who talked them through the Huygens Cassini mission to Mars, and how they could draw insights and parallels between this advanced space project and their own world of Superyachts.

To find out more about the event and how it helped build their brand story please take a look at our Case Study for Formula Marine

These stories tend to be more tactical and PR lead but if the activity is good people often tend to refer back to it and if you are really lucky you may even ‘go viral’!

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