Who will be Sports Personality of the Year?

BBC Sports Personality of the yearThe list is out for BBC Sports Personality of the Year and who can call it this year? Bradley Wiggins and Andy Murray were amazing for their sports as well as Olympics, Mo Farrah was incredible and had Usain Bolt ‘doing the Mo’, Ellie Simmonds and David Weir showed us that Paralympics is not disabled sport but elite in itself. However our money, if we are pushed is on Jessica Ennis, she had to be good at five sports to win… now that’s multi tasking! And what do they have in common? Each athlete can teach us something about marketing.

What the Olympics did for us….

We’ve had an extraordinary summer of sport, no one can deny that and the pinnacle in most peoples view was the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, however this last weekend’s England Rugby win over the All Blacks has to be a favourite too!

So what marketing lessons did we learn? Here’s three for starters:

We must set goals – each athlete set goals. It wasn’t always to win gold, sometimes it was to qualify for the final or beat their personal best. How do you know if you’ve done well without setting goals. This is the same for marketing. To make sure you are getting value for money and it’s working, set goals.

Have many touch points. The Olympics touched us in many ways, we watched it, listened to it, tweeted about, Facebooked it, read about it, emailed, texted, flikr’ed ..and the list goes on. Your audience will interact with your brand in many ways so make sure you use and respond to the various touch points available to you.

Specialise in one main area and do it well. Countries like the United States and China will dominate other competing nations. Smaller countries are naturally at a disadvantage, with fewer people and less money to help develop world class athletes. To compete at the Olympic level, other countries have turned to specialisation to have a chance at winning medals. Look at Kenya, for instance. They brought home a total of 11 medals in the 2012 Olympics, all in track and field, and all focusing on distance running. They know what they are good at and they invest in doing it well.
We can learn a lot from sport and we could add more lessons here but hopefully these three points will get you thinking about your own marketing.

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