Website Optimisation – What’s a party without guests?

If you don’t have a website these days then you just don’t exist. And with that in mind we’ve all gone off and developed our websites offering great deals and copious amounts of useful information.

However you cannot just expect because you’ve built it that they will come… you have to send out invites!

When you have a party you arrange the venue, organise the food and booze, buy a great new outfit and… send the invites. The party is nothing without guests so don’t forget to optimise your website so that the visitors will come.

Three top tips for your website invite :

  • SEO your website. Make sure you have a relevant page title. Add keywords and a description that are relevant to the copy on your webpage and include content in your Header tags that again, reflect the content on each page
  • PPC – Pay per Click. You choose keywords that you know visitors will use when they are searching for your business then you automatically bid on them. When those words bring your site up in the search results, and the user clicks on your ad, you pay an amount of money to the search engine provider for that visit to your website. Very effective and more instant than organic SEO at ranking you higher however if you are not using the right strategy it could cost you a lot of money without the expected results
  • Backlinks – A backlink is an incoming link to your website or webpage. If somebody clicks on the link they will end up on your website. A number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of your website and having quality back-links from relevant sites that already have a high page rank will also rank your site higher in a search result

Don’t forget to RSVP!