How Tommy Cooper helps with customer segmentation…just like that!

England. 1968. British comedian and entertainer Tommy Cooper.One of the nation’s treasures Tommy Cooper made us laugh and indeed cry with his inspirational live comedy. He was of course famous for so many sketches including ‘glass bottle bottle glass’, the split personality sketch, his karate skit, those magic tricks and that phrase ‘just like that!’.

One of our very favourite sketches though and one that helps us explain customer segmentation is his ‘hats sketch’. He tells a story about a tramp, a sailor, a bank manager and a host of other characters in a pub on New Year’s Eve. To differentiate the characters he wears a hat for each. The hat becomes a visual aid to understand who each character is. Of course he gets muddled up some way through but it’s all in the name of great comedy.

What this sketch helps us to understand is customer segmentation. All of our customers are human beings, unless of course you are a vet! Our customers are not ‘market segments’, they are people. We may catagorise them into individual groups based on age, gender, interests, buying habits, management levels etc., but at all times they are people.

At Hoot when we run sessions with clients and we look at customer segmentation we get them to characterise their market sectors and develop characters for each. Each character must choose and wear a hat and have a personality developed for them. This in turn becomes the visual representation of the segmented audience base that the client is targeting. In this way it becomes much easier to develop messages and stories because you are creating them for a person not an entity.

Try it out with your team and send us some pics of your characters in their hats.

In the meantime watch Tommy Cooper’s hat sketch via the link below; sheer brilliance!

Tommy Cooper Hat Sketch

Tommy Coopers Hat Sketch : …