Narrowing the BIG picture

Life in the 21st century is often focused on inclusion, and broadening our horizons; looking at the big picture. Exemplary undertakings.  But when it comes to promoting your product or service then narrowing your field and focusing on the most specific things can be the real winner.

Take for example a neighbouring company of ours offering a boat charter service.  The company’s marketing message was ‘UK boat charter’.  OK, that’s what the company does. However by using this term it was competing against hundreds of other companies in the UK.  When we spent time analysing where the company’s business was coming from we discovered a real gem.  Although it did indeed make sales throughout the UK, the majority were local.  We looked at how local, and what the reasons were for people chartering a boat.  We also looked at the customer problem scenarios; were customers chartering for a celebration, a special occasion, a holiday, a photography trip etc.?  We also looked at how long they might want to charter for.

We got more and more narrow.  Starting with the whole of the UK, we moved to the Solent region, then to Chichester Harbour and finally to Emsworth.  We also moved from chartering for a week or more, to a weekend or a day, and then to a couple of hours – an easier spend decision.

The business now offers boat charter in the form of Picnic Cruises from Emsworth aboard their wonderfully stable motor catamaran, and the bookings are flooding in.  Customers book for birthday treats and special occasions, and are telling their friends about their great experiences.  The business has created its own niche and is blazing a trail of success.  In marketing it pays to look at the big picture and then take a narrow view.

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