How Brand Storytelling will Improve Your Website

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We were in a new business pitch recently and the usual informal chatting opened up the business meeting; introductions, the journey to the location, the state of the business landscape and how busy we all are. Then a question was asked of us from out of the blue; “have you done much sailing lately?”. Thankfully I immediately knew that this potential new client had been looking at our website and more importantly reading ‘Our Story’ which in effect is ‘About Us’.

The About Us page on many websites is one of the most visited pages. When we research new suppliers we are keen to find out what makes a potential partner or supplier tick. All too often the information on that page is dull or completely impersonal and does not really give a visitor a feeling about the company they could potentially engage with, so adding an authentic story about why the business was set up or something personal about your team helps you to become more memorable. That story doesn’t just have to be in the form of writing, you could also video members of your team and ask them questions such as why they joined your organisation or what they are most proud to have worked on etc. This content is compelling and can potentially be a talking point in a new business meeting.

Using brand storytelling in the form of interesting and engaging stories across your website is a sure-fire way to keep your visitors reading further and potentially encouraging them to get in touch, in turn driving more leads. A powerful brand story will hold the reader’s attention and help them appreciate the type of experience they may have with your brand. Have a look at your About Us section on your own website and see if it really reflects your brand personality.

If you are intrigued to find out what our new prospect read then you’ll find our story here