BBC – the UK’s favourite maligned brand

Today the BBC licence fee was frozen for two years creating budget cuts of £144m for BBC executives to dole out around the organisation.

The BBC is an ongoing conundrum for those that run it. On the one hand the much loved and trusted brand, the national treasure that is held in such high esteem throughout the television world. The TV brand that other operators can only aspire to. On the other hand it is the brand much maligned by the UK public at large and any politician wishing to have a dig at some low hanging fruit in an effort to show empathy with that very same licence fee paying public.

BBC bashing is a favourite pastime of those that fail to understand the complexities of producing quality state television. The inability of the BBC board to move itself out of the low hanging fruit category for anyone who wants to take a swipe at something large numbers of voters already grumble about is a real problem.

Perhaps the BBC needs a much more robust brand campaign to educate viewers on why the licence fee is a necessity. Or perhaps they need to move their own parameters even further to find alternative revenue streams. Either way, they really must take critical strategic action fast in order to move at all.