4 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

man-with-laptop-on-mobile-phoneSocial media has become central to our lives in recent years, with the likes of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ playing an essential role in how we spend our time and interact both personally and professionally. The average person’s love-hate relationship with sharing our inner most thoughts, ramblings and rants online continues to grow, but more importantly for us, social media has provided the missing link between consumer and company, providing audiences and the brands that we’ve grown to know and love an opportunity to communicate directly and openly with each other.

Whilst many brands have mastered the art of social media marketing, many more struggle to promote themselves effectively, succumbing to the faux pas that simply don’t unlock engagement amongst target audiences. Here we take a look at five ways that organisations can improve their social media marketing strategies.

Content means more than words

Taking a multimedia approach to the content that you share via your corporate social media accounts can boost engagement dramatically. In fact according to social media management tool Buffer, sharing images on Twitter can boost retweets by up to 150%. With platforms like Pinterest also expanding their features to pinning video clips, embracing all manner of content is the trick behind enhancing engagement.

Remember who you’re talking to

Social media isn’t about the hard sell, and this is where many companies fail to engage audiences appropriately. Social media marketing is about people, and getting to know what your audience wants and needs from your particular company is a must. We’re not saying don’t promote your products or services at all, but do it discreetly with interesting and informative content so that your audience will want to click through to your website or blog, or to get involved in the campaign you are running.

Timing is everything

Whilst everyone has a mild addiction to updating their social media status and checking their news feed, reaching your audience when they have a few minutes spare is the key. Your business may only operate between 9 and 5 on weekdays but posts shared on Fridays and throughout the weekend get more click-thoroughs. Content posted during commuting and lunch hours has also been proven to pack a punch.

Don’t just post, strategise!

The spontaneity of social media interaction may work for friends and family members but keeping a firm eye on your professional goals with an effective plan of action will ensure your social media posts get noticed by the right people. Have a plan that will give structure to your social media activity, and allow the flexibility to be spontaneous when the right opportunities arise.